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Kiruthiga M

I am working here for the past 2 years. I feel my workplace is safe with good environment. My ideas & Opinions count at work. I am encouraged to learn from my mistakes. Amazing work colleagues that have been my joy, my support & my sanity. My work is challenging, stimulating & rewarding. Also I receive useful & constructive feedback from my managers. There is a strong feeling of team work and co-operation in this organization. I am extremely proud to tell people that I work in this organization and I feel satisfied with my job.

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Anandhi V

I am Anandhi, my name is referred to "An Always happy Women". Family is what brings the most happiness to any women. Family is a gift and not choice of any individual. Career is what we get from choice. A work place with complete contentment and a satisfied career is definitely not a common combination. MNW or My Native Workplace is one of its kind. This is rather called as my second home. A place to work, a place to live, a place to learn and over all a place of dearness. As my name refers I am always happy here in MNW.

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Kanagaraj M

I am Kanagaraj, working as Sr. Executive in Software Development. Here working from begin of the company in Operations and Supports as well.

Here I learn "How to handle team and team members? ", If any of agent have any issue with team/process, those kind of issue, how to treating and solve the issue, this are all learn from our office.

I am Personally improved my life style like mobile and others. Behaviour wise are change like approaches with problem and handling methods. In personal, I faced few problems that handled and managed and stand as person and as husband and as father more than as a good human being to fight in the world happens because of my experience and what I learned from Mahendra Nextwealth(MNW). Thanks and to be happy with the part of MNW family. Thanks for all.

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Ramya Devi R

I am working here for the past two and half years. Our office is the exposure of the Rural people talents to make social upliftment. Our office resource are filled with Technical, Human and natural resource which makes more facilities to me. I am comfortable sharing my opinions at work. Environment in our organization supports a balance between work and personal life. I received feedback that helps me to improve my performance.

Team work is encouraged; Information and Knowledge are shared openly among us. I would recommend our organization to my friends for better life balance. I am very much satisfied for enrolled myself in Mahendra Nextwealth(MNW).

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Sankar Kannan

I am Sankar Kannan, working here for the past almost 7 years.

In my carrier a good milestone is this period. I joined as a executive in Mahendra Nextwealth(MNW), Now I am as Supervisor for my Team.

My family background also improved with the help of MNW. My lifestyle was changed after I have joined here. I improved my knowledge in my field. I learned lot of this in my field as well as how to manage employees and how to organize with hierarchy. I am very much satisfied for working in MNW for the past 7 years.

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Shanmugapriya M

I started working in Mahendra Nextwealth from Feb 2011, Joined as a Process Executive for medical billing process. I have learned new software application and confidentially on this process. After six months, I was moved to Quality Controller for the same process, doing the quality level. I got many exposure and importance of quality and customer expectation.

On 2013 I was moved to another new process which is 3I. In this also my role is Quality Control from this I have learned new type of client application and learned lot of new things in Microsoft excel application.

Now I am in MIS(Management Information System), before comes to this team clients are our customer but now our internal operation team are our customer. I have satisfy them by the excellent reports by using the excel. This is very new exposure for me and learned so many things here. And more importantly I have supported my family financially to grow for next level.

I am very happy and satisfied on my Job.

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Venkatesh D

This is my 8th year in the organization and it has been a delight to be working with team of creative, innovative and enthusiastic people all this while. Mahendra Nextwealth(MNW) has always provided me with various path to grow from strength to strength. An open work culture that provides employees with a platform to learn and share has helped me work towards my goals. Each day at work brings with it new challenges that test my skills and sometimes question my abilities. However, that desire to stand up and do well, together with constant support from my colleagues and seniors, keeps me going. I am truly glad to be associated with Mahendra Nextwealth(MNW).