Statement of Direction

Passion - We are passionate about what we do and everything we do, we do with high levels of energy!

Execution - We plan after carefully weighing options - its pros and cons before our execution starts. Thus, we are better prepared to handle situations - Expect the unexpected.

Excellence - Excellence is a way of life at Mahendra NextWealth. We aim to excel in everything that we do. We believe that continuous improvement is a way of life, everyday.

Statement of Direction: At Mahendra NextWealth, it is our constant endeavor to provide world-class services with customer delight by way of passionately delivering high quality work at an optimal cost, leveraging technology and the rural Indian populace.

We are Redefininge "Outsourcing" through inclusive growth:

  • We think "Global" when looking at delivery solutions for our clients.
  • We leverage our expertise to differentiate the "Customer Experience".
  • Proactive Thinking - "Think like a customer".
  • Universal Operating Standards build using Six Sigm Methodology.
  • Delivering Innovative Solutions to deliver high quality services round the clock, across the globe.
  • Significant Increase in ROI - Low Cost, High Value Delivery.

The leadership and management team at Mahendra NextWealth are committed to maintain "Profitable Leadership" coupled with exceptional "Operating Standards" and a "Work Environment" that is encouraging to our employees and customers.