Non-Voice & Chat Based Support

One of the advantages we carry is the ability to hire and train scores of people in varied applications, right from technical support to basic customer service skills or helpdesk support. We have a resource pool of well educated individuals, whom we mould based on the requirements of our clientele.

  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service

We strongly believe in the old saying A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Thus, every customer needs to get their due and it is imperative that we provide them with exemplary service each time they communicate with us. We make ultimate use of every opportunity we get in order to ensure that the customer is delighted with the service we render and adopt an effective customer care model that improves retention while decreasing the dependence on new acquisitions.

A customer query/issue is handled in a fashion where it turns into a positive experience and possibly an enquiry could well be converted into a sale as well.

We focus on enhanced customer experience by providing on-time and consistent service delivery across customer contacts. We have a team of experienced professionals with expertise spanning virtually most industries and applications.

We urge our clientele to digress from viewing customer service/technical support as an inevitable cost center and rather look at it as a means to harness stronger relationships which delivers tangible benefits, increased sales and improved customer life-cycle management.