Digital Enterprise

Our Digital Enterprise Service helps transform Business Processes by enabling customised solutions encompassing People, Process, and Product.  Mahendra Nextwealth has evolved with strong Processes and Technology Fundamentals that efficiently supports Collection, Management, and Publishing of Digital Content in Web-Based Medium.

We have Transformed Businesses across sectors from Organised Global Education to Product Intelligence, from Market Analysis to Online Retail.

We understand Digital Enterprise Service to be the future and would want to be the front runners in providing solutions and enabling new Businesses.  We are adequately equipped in mobilizing qualified resources at any point of time which is critical in any business start-up.

With the state-of-the-art Infra and Technology combined with endless inflow of trained human resource, Mahendra NextWealth had stood out to be the natural choice for our global clients.

We offer seamless solutions in:

Online Education:

  • Crawling of online open educational resources for Educational Search Engine
  • Indexing the resources with 50+ metadata fields.
  • Have indexed 18+ million resources till date.
  • Have developed an in-house work flow tool to manage the huge delivery numbers.

Online Retail Store:

  • Catalogue management for a leading online grocery store.
  • Index all the newly included products.
  • Validate the specification of the products.
  • Create synonyms for all the products in 8 different languages.
  • Writes description for each product and Brand.

Product Intelligence Platform

  • Work performed for a leading Online Intelligence Platform developer
  • Validation done for millions of crawlings and matching done on the products sold online.
  • Classification and Matching of the products are being done.
  • Extraction of content from the promotional emails.