Code of Conduct

Respect and value people
We each bring our backgrounds, beliefs, values, talents and behavior standards to work. Taken together, these define how we treat others and how we expect to be treated. They define what makes each of us unique.

To respect diversity is to recognize each individual for his/her unusual and unique talents. These talents are as multifaceted and complex as the individual they belong to. Learning how to deal with diversity involves acquiring some new skills. In fact, succeeding at work is very difficult for those who are unable to collaborate with a diverse group of people.

Diversity by itself doesn't make an organization strong or successful. Dealing with diversity in a healthy, productive and proactive manner, however, can help an organization succeed.

Diversity includes:

  • People of different genders.
  • People with diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds.
  • People of different ages and experiences.
  • People with different abilities.
  • People with different sexual orientations.
  • People who practice different religions.
  • People who speak different languages.
  • People with different family structures.
  • People with different educational backgrounds.
  • People with different work and life experiences.

Respect environment
Mahendra NextWealth has an ever-standing environmental policy in place since its inception, as well as specific policies and practices relating to individual business lines. On a day-to-day basis, our employees deal with environmental issues with utmost concern.

Our policy includes:

  • Maintaining recycling and resource management programs that meet or exceed environmental regulatory requirements;
  • Conducting our internal operations in a manner consistent with environmental protection and the principles of sustainable development, with due regard for associated benefits and costs;
  • Promoting an environmentally responsible workplace by educating and motivating employees to become more involved in the conservation of all resources, natural and artificial;
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of all our environmental activities;
  • Incorporating and maintaining environmental assessment criteria in our risk management procedures and in the ongoing management of our assets;
  • Including environmental criteria in assessing relationships with contractors and suppliers; and
  • Our electronic service delivery channels help us reduce paper consumption.

Be honest and transparent in all transactions

  • Constant Communication - It's better to over-communicate than under.
  • Honesty - "Honesty is the best policy" is true in our books.
  • Deliver Regular Feedback - Many companies have annual review cycles, but should the first time an employee is hearing feedback be when it's written in stone? By sharing more often, we are giving our employees the ability to change for the better, and maybe, giving us feedback on how to improve as well.
  • Be open in all our communication.

Zero tolerance on

  • Ethics and integrity.
  • Sexual harassment.