Back-Office Processing

We offer a variety of back-office services across industry verticals. Here are a few:

Accounting Management Services: Our capabilities include a full suite of services that transverse the entire finance function.

  • Accounting Management and Processing
  • Order/Sales Support
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Exceptions & Case Management and Processing

Human Resource Management:

  • End-to-End Payroll Management & Processing
  • Reimbursements & Payment Settlements
  • Tax Proof Verifications
  • Issuance of Form 10 for easy submission of IT Returns

We also could provide an additional array of services and reports based on our clients requests.

We could also assist you in your

  • Recruitment initiatives from time to time.
  • Information Management services to help monitor and improve performance and progression.
  • Need based learning programs for you to improve the knowledge and performance levels of your taff.
  • Managing your Compensation & Benefits initiatives.
  • Other administrative services.

Engineering Design & Development Services:

  • Product Conceptualization & Design
  • Product Engineering & Testing
  • 2/3-Dimensional AutoCAD Designs & Drawings
  • Product Development